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Global Membership Approach (GMA)

A Message from 14-E Global Membership Approach Chair, PDG Charlie McGrew:


As of July 1, the North America Membership Initiative is officially part of the Global Membership Approach. While you will see the name changing in this group and elsewhere, our objectives remain the same:

• Rejuvenate districts with new clubs

• Revitalize clubs with new members

• Re-motivate members with new fellowships and exciting service.


Every Lion in Constitutional Area 1 should be celebrating. We have broken the glass ceiling and posted a net positive growth of POSITIVE 943 as of August 25th. So far this year we have gain 10 new members and only lost 3 for a plus 7. The district was very close to break-even during IPDG Chuck’s year. At the end of May we were a PLUS 2 but, the dreaded month of June happened, and we ended up a MINUS 8.


My meeting for Global Membership Approach is Tuesday, September 21 at 7pm. We are going to talk about rebuilding 4 clubs that need assistance. If you would like to join the group or just to see what is happening, I can send you the Zoom link.


Next is also the Pennsylvania membership plan. (This can be found posted in the September 2021 newsletter.)


Thank you,

PDG Charlie McGrew

GMA Chair


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