​With the end of the 2019-2020 Lions year approaching, I would like to thank all of you for your efforts

this year. I hope I am finding you all safe and in good health. Since March, we have faced a situation

which is unprecedented in District 14-E history. Our Club board meetings, dinner meetings, fundraisers,

and some of our service projects have been cancelled, postponed, or being held using Zoom, Microsoft Office or other technology. “Social Distancing and Face Masks” have become the “new normal”. The world has changed at least for the time being.

Our opportunities to gather as a Club and socialize with our fellow Lions have been minimized or put on hold. Kudos to all of the Clubs who have found creative ways to continue to serve the community under these restrictive conditions!


Believe it or not, this may be our best chance to increase our membership.


With basically all activities being cancelled, the everyday hustle and bustle has slowed to a crawl and more people are realizing that in tough times like these, the need to help those less fortunate is increasing.


  • Ask your Club members to contact those individuals they have asked to join in the past, but for whatever reason, weren’t able to.

  • Do it as a wellness call to check on them, make sure they are okay, and to see if they may need you to do anything for them. In casual conversation, ask if they have given any further consideration to joining your Club.


Use this opportunity to reacquaint them with all the things your Club does in the community. Who knows, they say “timing is everything” and now may be that time when they agree to join. If nothing else, you’ve performed a community service project and insured those you had contact with were okay. The impression you made by initiating this contact with them will surely be remembered.


Give it a try! What do you have to lose? Nothing at all!


PDG Dave Stitely

District 14-E GMT Coordinator

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