As we enter the month of February, our membership stands at 798.


This as we know, is well below the LCI mandated 1250 members, but we are at a (+1) member year to date which is a step in the right direction. We are not alone; most volunteer organizations are experiencing declines in membership. The Pandemic along with other factors are having an affect on our Clubs ability to grow. We need to create new strategies to overcome these obstacles encountered when recruiting members. Society has dramatically changed in the years since a majority of us became Lions members. The family structure now includes single parent households or those where both parents hold full time jobs, women have now moved beyond being “stay at home moms” and entered the work force and in some cases, are now the families primary source of income. Economic conditions have caused many to lose their jobs entirely or have forced them to work multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. Families with children are forced to juggle hectic schedules to accommodate their involvement in sports, extracurricular school activities, dance, or a multitude of other time consuming items. In addition, involvement in church groups, choirs, golf, softball, and bowling leagues, along with other volunteer commitments, all put a strain on our most valuable personal assets, our time and our treasures.

We need to be both progressive and flexible in embracing these lifestyle changes when recruiting new members. Our future lies in welcoming women, young adults, and families with children into our Clubs. We can no longer expect 100% participation at all Club meetings, service projects, or fundraising events. We must be grateful for whatever time an individual has to offer and thank them for their contributions. When collecting our International, State, District, and Club dues, we must realize that for some individuals, making a lump sum payment would put a huge strain on their finances and may be a deterrent to becoming a member. Why not setup a spreadsheet and let them make installment payments that fall within their budget constraints? With so many opportunities available to volunteer that don’t require a monetary commitment, we need to promote our organization and Clubs for all that we do for our communities and those less fortunate than ourselves and convince them that the services we provide would, in most cases, not be available if we didn’t exist.

People are motivated to serve for a variety of reasons. They are most inclined to serve if they can personally relate to a specific cause. If we promote the Lions for our contributions to Diabetes, Hearing, and Eye research, as well as, our Measles Initiative and other humanitarian projects, someone who has a friend or family member that suffers from diabetes, hearing loss, eye problems, or other ailments, may be inclined to join for these reasons. Our ability to determine what an individual is passionate about will be instrumental in acquiring, not only a new member, but also an active member. The power of our Lions motto “We Serve” is strengthened each time we add a new member.



PDG Dave Stitely

District 14-E GMT Coordinator

PDG David Stitely

GMT Coordinator

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