​Strengthening our Clubs


Currently, our membership stands at 802 members. This Lions year, we have added 20 members and lost 7 members. We are currently a (+13) in membership and are going in the right direction. With the Fall Season upon us, we should use upcoming Community events and service opportunities to bolster our Club’s membership. Visibility within our local areas helps reinforce our Lions motto of “We Serve”, allows us to make a positive impact on improving our communities, and exposes who the Lions are and what we do to those who may not be aware. Hands on opportunities to help us on a specific project are an effective way to gain membership. As the colder weather approaches, I am asking that each of you sponsor a Club Social event and invite family, friends, and others that you would like to be a part of your Club. The key is to make it FUN! Maybe do icebreakers, have light refreshments, play games, and give them a brief overview of how your Club positively impacts the community and its residents. Try to schedule it around an upcoming project and personally invite them to participate in it. Let’s take advantage of these opportunities to increase our membership!


The District Global Membership Team has proven techniques developed by Lion Ron Rometo of the Level Green Lions and Lion Charlie Baker of the Yukon Lions Club that will help your recruitment be successful. We would enjoy sharing these with your Club. Please contact PDG Dave Stitely at or at (412)-720-0903 for additional information.

PDG Dave Stitely

District 14-E GMT Coordinator


PDG David Stitely

GMT Coordinator