Involvement Promotes Interest: 

Lions are busy people with many demands on their time. It is often a challenge for them to fill all those demands. How then, can we make our Lions meetings and projects a priority for them? One way is to keep them involved in activities that interest them. Members who have a job to do or a report to give will make the time to attend their Lions’ meetings. It is part of their makeup. It is the leader’s job to make sure that every Lion feels needed and stays involved. Below are some suggestions for keeping interest level high.

⇒ Encourage members to try new challenges-a totally different responsibility. Both the member and the club will benefit from the experience.

⇒ Create a suggestion box for soliciting member ideas and use those suggestions.

⇒ Hold brainstorming sessions to discuss new service activity ideas or new ways of handling activities or club functions. Then act on the suggestions that are made.

⇒ Assign members to visit another club. Share ideas. Invite other clubs to visit you. This is a great way to learn and to build fellowship.

⇒ Rotate committee assignments annually to give all members a chance to try something new.

⇒ Periodically check the membership for interest, skills, experience and personal goals. These will change over time and should be monitored by the club leadership.

⇒ As members gain experience and confidence, encourage them to seek leadership roles. The leadership experience builds self-esteem and keeps members actively engaged in club activities. Leadership activity can be anything from heading up a service activity, to chairing a committee, to running for office.

⇒ Evaluate activities. Have members comment on service activities and fund raisers. What’s good? What’s bad? What should be changed? How should it be changed? Use the suggestions to tweak your action plan for the next time you do the activity. If there is improvement then you can incorporate the change into the general plan. If there is not, you can try something else. A new perspective can often spot changes that should be made.

Remember that Membership is a function of Leadership. Good leaders can be the driving force in encouraging members to recruit others to join our Clubs!



PDG Dave Stitely

District 14-E GMT Coordinator

PDG David Stitely

GMT Coordinator

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