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Global Action Team


How do you get your Lions information? This newsletter is a good place to get info. So is online at the Lions International website and social media like Facebook. I have always felt it best to have several places sharing the same information even if people end up seeing it two or three times that way. For those of you who are not using social media I am going to share something on here that I saw this month. It is the image to the right here and the description below. I am not sure who the original creator of this is, but I think it is a good representation of the GAT.

As found shared by various Lions’ posts on Facebook: The GLT (Global Leadership Team) is like the human brain. We use our brain to think, solve problems, and communicate with others. Similarly, we need effective Lions leaders in order to solve problems in our organization, communicate new ideas, set a vision and instill inspiration in our members.
GMT (Global Membership Team) is like the human hands and feet. We need our hands and feet in order to complete our daily tasks, to walk, to move forward. Similarly, we need members, we need Lions in order to move forward as an organization, in order to achieve our mission, in order to implement or Service projects.

GST (Global Service Team) is like the human heart. We couldn’t live without a heart, and we die if our heart suddenly stops beating. Likewise, our Service projects are the heart and the soul of our organization. Without Service to our communities LCI would not have a reason and a purpose to exist. Our Service projects pump up our members enthusiasm and passion like our heart pumps blood around our bodies all the time.

LCIF (Lions Club International Foundation) is the toolbox necessary in order to accomplish our long-term or big-scale goals as Lions. In this case the tools are multiple and variable LCIF grants that help us make a true difference in our communities.

Twenty Plus Club

It has been a few months since I’ve updated you on the notorious group that I am calling the Twenty-Plus Club. Again, this isn’t the place to be but rather it is the Clubs in our District that have not reported Service activities in over twenty months and in most circumstances in over 24 months. These are Clubs that need our help. I have not been able to help them so I am reaching out to you for help. Maybe you know Lions in these Clubs and can ask them what is happening. Maybe you are in these Clubs and can ask your Club Leadership what needs to happen to take care of this.

There are Clubs in this group that I know are active and doing meaningful Service in their communities. I am asking that you now do the Service of reporting your actions. As always, I am available if you need help doing this.

Changes Coming

So as I ask you for your continued efforts in reporting your Service, I wanted to let you know that I am catching word that the system for reporting will be changing again. That’s all I know right now but as information comes out, I promise it will be shared and we will prepare and learn together to understand what needs to happen.

Yours in Service,

PDG Lance H. Remic

Global Service Team Chairperson, District 14-E


PDG Lance Remic

GST Chairperson

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