Level Green Lions Christina Galia and Chuck Quinter volunteering for St. John's Meals on Wheels.  Lion Chuck recently celebrated 50 years with the Level Green Lions Club.


I hope that this message finds you and your friends and families well during this tough… difficult…challenging… strange time. We are under a lot of restrictions and guidelines that keep some of us from doing what we want to do but all with the goal in mind of keeping us healthy. Our physical health is at risk with the Coronavirus but so is our social, financial, and mental well-being.


As Lions we have already have a tool to help combat these challenges to our well-being and that is Service. We volunteer our time and efforts to causes that help impact others and as a result we often claim a sense of accomplishment and pride in what we have done. Our Service efforts in our Lions Clubs have allowed us to serve together strengthening our social bonds while making friendships that last a lifetime. Our Lions members and Clubs have done a lot over the years to impact our communities and world financially through fundraising campaigns like our donations to Lions Clubs International Foundation, the Lions of Pennsylvania Foundation and the PA Lions Care for the Kids.


The restrictions of this challenge have posed threats to how we Serve. We are being encouraged to distance ourselves from each other so our traditional projects that require us to get together in groups are discouraged. This in turn creates social barriers to our service. The economic impact of this crisis has cost many their jobs between hours lost or complete layoffs. Our abilities to donate financially to the causes we care about is negatively impacted as a result.


What do we do to fight back against this crisis? How do we overcome the helplessness many of us experience as a result of these external forces that are out of our control? How do we improve our moods and impact positive attitude? We Serve.


During this time of environment, economic, and social challenge how do we safely volunteer? We need to consider doing things in different methods than what we are used to and even come up with new ways to serve. We are holding our meetings remotely through the resources of phone and internet so why not do our service with these tools as well? We can do things like making wellness mental check phone calls, emails, or text messages to those who are bound to their homes.

As you look for things to do consider self-guided activities. These might even be smaller sub projects of things your Club normally does. Impact our environment by doing a beautification or clean up. I’m not saying to go out and clean twomiles of highway by yourself but instead clean up a smaller stretch of road in your neighborhood or a parking lot near a trail or a park. Many of our Lions are continuing their work with minimal contact meal delivery with meals-on-wheels and the food banks. Consider going to pick up grocery orders for your neighbors who cannot.


If your financial situation allows consider donating to a cause that we care about as Lions. LCIF, the Lions of PA Foundation, Leader Dog, the Western PA Lions Hearing Foundation, and the PA Lions Care for the Kids are all continuing with their missions and still need our help. Find the project you have passion for and if you are able donate. If you donate to organizations that offering recognitions, consider donating in the amount that would allow you to name someone or yourself a fellow ($500.00 donations to the LOPF or a $250.00 donation to the WPLHF). Remember to be patient with these organizations because they are facing the same restrictions we all are and they might be having a tough time filling requests for items like the LOPF Fellowship pinnacles.


We need to acknowledge a partner of Lions District 14-E, the Westmoreland County Blind Association, for taking on the service of making face masks. They recently converted some of their production lines to cutting fabric and sewing them into masks. They are not looking at this to be profitable for them. So why are they doing it? They can make a difference and we are proud of our relationship with them because of things like that.


Over the next month I am challenging every Lion to find some act of service that you can do alone or with your social isolation crew and do it. Make some level of impact – any level of impact. Above that I want everyone to share what they are doing. In the days leading up to your service project, let us know what you plan to do. We will share this on the District Facebook page – District 14 E Lions so that everyone can see. They can get ideas from your service about what to try themselves. Then as you complete your act of service make sure to take pictures and then share your stories. This will help us bring some sense of social normalness back to our Service as Lions.


As I write this article this Saturday morning, I prepare to start a week that the company I work for calls MULA – mandatory unpaid week of absence. I feel lucky because an unpaid week (or more) is better than a total job loss, so I count my blessings. It is still an emotional challenge. Want to know what picked me up this morning and helped me finally start this newsletter message? Here on my desk amongst the mail I found the April 29th edition of the Delmont Salem News (a publishing of the Penn-Franklin). On the front page the headline article is “Chuck Quinter still serving at 90.” For those of you who do not know, Chuck is a fellow Lion and as the first sentence of the article states, “When Chuck Quinter joined the Level Green Lions, over 50 years ago, he took the motto, “We Serve” to heart and has been serving the local community and surrounding areas ever since.”


Today it is his Service that motivates me and makes me proud to be part of a Service organization with people like Lion Chuck. We have those stories in each and everyone of our Lions Clubs and they need to be shared to help keep everyone focused on what we do. We live to the same motto as Lion Chuck – “We Serve!”



For more ideas of how to Serve, Engage, and Lead through the COVID-19 crisis check out our District 14 website at

Yours in Service,

PDG Lance H. Remic

Global Service Team Chairperson, District 14-E

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