Service Partnerships

Our Lions Clubs are not the only organizations in the community working to improve the lives of those that live there. Like our Clubs these other groups have their goals and visions. They face the same challenges that we do as Lions Clubs too – lags in membership, volunteer availability, and financial restraints. There lies opportunity in these groups to work together on common goals. By developing local partnerships our Lions Clubs can achieve more working together with other groups.


The members of both groups will work together towards their common interests. Not everything that each group does has to align either. For example, our Lions Clubs might work with a local fire department to care for a common area that is used by both groups and others in the community. The members of both teams can spend time cleaning and maintaining the area while making improvements. Fundraising efforts from both groups can be focused on the project as each group is able. Working together on this common project does not mean that the VFD will support all the Lions endeavors nor does it mean that the Lions members will be expected or able to go onto an emergency call. Each group involved in the partnership will bring their unique skills to the combined team. The strengths of each group would help compliment the weaknesses of the other.


Meals on Wheels is a program designed to meet the nutritional and social needs of seniors. The structure of the program is successful in that its volunteers not only deliver nutrition needed but also the impact of the human contact that desired by those members of our society that may spend do much of the day alone. The staff of the Meals on Wheels program can check-in with the individuals that they visit not just to say hello but also to observe any changes in their physical or mental wellbeing. The challenge of this group is often that it is underfunded in communities. Federal, state, local and private funding is what support this program. Both funding and individual volunteering is where we as Lions can step in.


Feeding the hungry is one of the global causes that Lions have supported over our years. Many of our Lions have served as volunteers delivering meals for Meals on Wheels, others have held food drives, and others prepare the food for the meals. Just recently members of the Slickville Lions Club held a chicken BBQ where the chicken prepared was not sold as a fundraiser but rather given to the local Meals on Wheels program so that they could use the chicken as the meat portion of the meal that they delivered. The Chicken BBQ is one of the signature fundraisers by several of the Clubs in District 14-E. So often we worry about wanting to “sell out” in order to consider the fundraiser successful. Why not have a backup plan in place of where to donate some of the chicken? – Meals on Wheels, The Welcome Home Shelter, or hand them out to local police, ambulance, and fire departments. We often make donations to these places anyway and those donations not always need to be monetary.


Lions live to the motto - “We Serve!” and

partnered together with other like-minded

organizations our impact can be even greater

and more can be achieved.

Yours in Service,

PDG Lance H. Remic

Global Service Team Chairperson, District 14-E

PDG Lance Remic

GST Chairperson

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