2020-21 Project Donations Form

DG Chuck Thompkins has made the 2020-21 District 14-E Projects Donation form available.   Click here for the Project Donations Form.


The PID Cindy Gregg Kidsight Fellowship is available to honor a Lion who serves above and beyond. The purpose is to support the 14-E Care-A-Van Project in purchasing and maintaining equipment and training volunteers.  A donation of $250 is required to award the fellowship (cannot be used as a District project donation).  Click here for the Fellowship Application!

NEW: What clubs collect used medical supplies?

District 14-E will assemble a directory of clubs county-wide where used durable medical equipment ranging from hospital beds to wheelchairs, shower chairs to mobility assistance devices.  Does your club collect and distribute these items?  Please let Zone Chair Jeff Jordan know by email at JeffreyBob14E@gmail.com.

NEW: Zoom meetings are available through 14-E

If you would like to set up a virtual (online) Zoom meeting for your club, board, or committee, please contact Zone Chair Jeff Jordan at JeffreyBob14E@gmail.com.

NEW: Vandergrift Lions sponsor Christmas Event

The Vandergrift Lions Club is proud to sponsor Vandergrift Back When, a retro-themed Christmas Extravaganza to be held on Grant Avenue in Vandergrift, December 4-6, 2020.  Click here for the event schedule.

4 Diamonds ~$55K raised by PA Lions

This past fiscal year, PA Lions raised nearly $55,000 for Four Diamonds through the PA Lions "Care - For The Kids™" project.  This supports clinical trials that lead to new treatments, fosters collaboration worldwide, helps train researchers, and more.

  • One of the easiest ways for you and your members to contribute to this project is by setting up a recurring monthly gift.  Click here.

  • September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Consider organizing a fundraiser or taking up a collection during this time. Click here for ideas.


27th of the Month

All information must be submitted to Lion Lisa Gismondi by the 27th. This date coincides with your club submission for the Membership and Service reports. If received after that date, it will be included in the next month’s report.  

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