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Member Retention Resources

Retaining Membership

Gudrun Yngvadottir discusses the need to shift focus away from just recruiting to improving the membership experience. (YouTube, 3:17)

Celebrating Success with Service, Engagement, and Retention (Webinar, 1:02:12)

North American Global Action Team recorded webinar on Remotivating Members with New Fellowships and Exciting Service. Four guest Lions share how they have safely served in their communities and districts. The webinar also shares more about engaging and communicating with Lions and provides a connection to tools to help Lions engage with their community, District, and Multiple District.

The Importance of Retaining Members (Webinar, 1:01:52)

How Retention Drives Leadership, Membership and Service

Secrets to Retention and Recruiting by Past Council Chair Bill Filmore

Membership Growth Event Toolbox

Have a member retention idea or resource you'd like to share with other clubs in the district?  Send a copy or a weblink to Webmaster Jeff Jordan at

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