Cindy Gregg, PID

GAT Coordinator, Area 1-D

(PA, VA, and WV)

Multiple District NAMI Champion


Do Your Members Just Belong? (Anonymous)
Are your members active,
The kind that are sorely missed?
Or are they just content
To say their name is on the list?
Do they help with your projects
And mingle with the flock?
Or do they prefer to stay at home
To criticize and knock?
Do they take an active part
To help the work along?
Or are they satisfied
To just say that they belong?
Do they work with their committee
And get right into the mix?
Or do they leave the work to just a few
And then talk about the CLIQUES?
Or do they show up often,
and help with hand and heart?
These are more than just mere members.
They take an active part.
Think this over LIONS_____________
We all know right from wrong!
Are these active members,



If you have members that “Just Belong,” this is the perfect time to send a survey or “How Are Your Ratings?” to every member of your club to determine what they like or dislike, to ask for their suggestions for new projects, fundraisers, and ways to engage more members. It’s not necessary for them to identify themselves, and to remain anonymous, they can send their responses to the club’s membership chairperson. After everything is compiled, the results should be shared with the officers and the members to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions. Then, together, you can develop goals and plans to act upon the results to make the membership experience more fun and meaningful. After all, everyone wants to feel as if they are making a difference and to feel valued and appreciated. Certainly, our members expect that their time and finances will be well utilized.


This year has definitely challenged us to find new ways to meet and to serve. Those clubs who sought and found new and relevant ways to care for their communities and learned new technologies to communicate with members have been successful. In addition, many club officers have said that the community support is at an all time high. So, take advantage of this support and invite these community members to join you in an upcoming project. After all, Earth Day is April 22. Plan to spruce up your community. Invite the Leos, students, and other community members to plant flowers, pick up twigs or litter, beautify your neighborhood, or plant a community garden to supply fresh vegetables to those in need during the summer months.

Honor a Hero. May 12 is School Nurse Day. Fill a small basket with some healthy treats. Since Teacher Appreciation Day is May 4, send a thank you card to each of the teachers. While Custodian Appreciation Day isn’t until October 2, this group has been working very hard to constantly clean and disinfect the schools. Perhaps, you can find a way to show appreciation for their efforts, which have probably been overlooked.


As we move into the final quarter of this Lions’ year, there is still plenty of time to provide service within our communities and to attract those who want to make a difference. Perhaps then, your members won’t “Just Belong.” Thanks for serving “in Kindness and Diversity”.

Yours in Service and Friendship,
Cindy Gregg, PID and Area 1-D Global Action Team Coordinator