Cindy Gregg, PID

GAT Coordinator, Area D-1

PA's Global Membership Champion


Dear fellow Lions,


The late President John F. Kennedy said that “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.” Change is extremely difficult, but if we are to move forward, we must change, or we will die. Imagine if no one made changes to the Model T, or if we still cooked over an open fireplace. These may be extreme examples, but life changes. Every day is different, and we must adapt. Think of the sports teams. If the pitcher can’t adjust his pitch, all of the batters may be hitting the ball over the fence.


Our clubs too, must change. Lions Clubs International is not the same organization as it was in 1921. Women are playing a very vital role and serving in prominent leadership positions. Service projects have expanded into five global causes: diabetes, childhood cancer, vision, hunger, and the environment. Leo Clubs are also working to expand our service, while some clubs are meeting virtually.


During the past year, those clubs that re-assessed their situation during Covid found more relevant projects. They formed partnerships with other non-profit groups within the community. They sought new members who provided innovative and exciting ideas; these members were made to feel welcome, and they were encouraged to attend training sessions and to accept leadership positions.


N.R. Narayana Murthy, the man who changed the face of Indian technology, said that “Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck.”


We need to utilize the talents of ALL of our members. Otherwise, they will quit attending meetings and service projects. Likewise, we must encourage them to attend zone, district, and multiple district functions. In fact, have you shared information about the Regional Lions Leadership Institute or helped your newer Lions take a course in the Lions Learning Center? Does your club provide a meaningful induction ceremony and provide orientation for your members? Do you welcome new ideas, or do you find ways to dishearten the member for suggesting something different?

Sean Higgins, the former basketball player said, “Every day the clock resets. Your wins don't matter. Your failures don't matter.” We cannot rest on our past legacy. We need to forge ahead to make our presence known within our communities. In some areas, our neighbors don’t even realize that we exist.


So, how will you change? Have you planned to promote Diabetes Awareness Month? Are you adopting a family or a veteran for the holidays? Are you taking part in Operation Shoebox or purchasing pajamas for the Mt. Pleasant Township Lions’ project? Perhaps, you may want to participate in Operation Soldier to share the holidays with those who will not be home for the holidays. Once again, I am including the Reverse Advent Calendar for you to consider to help supplement our Food Banks.


George Bernard Shaw stated, that “Progress is impossible without change…” If we are to thrive, our clubs need to think and serve differently than ever before.


As always, thank you for all that you do to “Serve from the Heart.” May you have a very safe, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving.


Yours in Service and Friendship,

Cindy Gregg, PID

Area Global Action Team Coordinator (MDs 14, 24, and 29)

Pennsylvania's Global Membership Champion