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Cindy Gregg, PID

GAT Coordinator, Area D-1

PA's Global Membership Champion


Dear Lions and Leos,

Wow! We’ve completed another year of serving our communities. “Together” we have made a huge impact on the lives of many people that you will never meet. Through LCIF, our donations have helped countless people throughout the world, especially in Syria, Turkey, the Ukraine, and many areas of the United States. As I write this, I am eagerly anticipating the LCIF Tel-e-Thon on June 4 to see a wonderful show, to view the live donations, but to also learn more about ways in which we are improving lives around the globe. Did you make a personal contribution this year? Currently, only 12 Lions in 14-E have contributed. Even $5 or $10 would be appreciated. Of course, our Melvin Jones recipients should REALLY consider donating to this great cause. It’s not too late.


Did your club achieve its goals this year? Have you made plans for the upcoming year? Did you try something different? If your plan wasn’t as successful as you would have liked, discuss what was done well and consider what can be improved; then, make a plan to try it, again. We have many clubs that are celebrating 70-75 years of service. However, if we don’t try new ideas and seek younger members, many of our clubs will not last for another 25 years. As the great psychologist Abraham Maslow states, “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” Choose to move forward and seek others that have the passion to help improve your community.


While we need to try new ideas, we must also remember our roots. The Chinese writer, Ba Jin said, “Only by not forgetting the past, can we be the master of the future.”


Congratulations on a successful year of service. According to those clubs that reported on MyLion, we completed 543 service activities, changing the lives of more than 132,000 people, and we contributed nearly $200,000. That is tremendous! Imagine if all of our clubs reported! On behalf of those 132,000 individuals, I want to thank you for your service, and wish you the best in planning for the future.


Please remember that “Together We Can” and “Together,” we have made a difference in our communities.

Yours in Service,

Cindy Gregg, PID (2013-15)

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