​Dear Lions, Leos, and Lionesses,

Are you aware that each year, we lose more members than we add? Too frequently, we hear that no one, especially the younger generation, wants to volunteer. Well, that’s not the case. Many individuals of all ages are interested in “giving back” to their communities. However, there are a few suggestions that they would like for us to consider:


  • Be respectful of members’ time by being prepared, having an agenda, and starting and ending meetings on time.

  • Make ALL members feel welcomed.

  • Mentor new members and officers so that they can become vital, contributing members of the club.

  • Provide meaningful tasks and projects so that everyone feels as if they are making a difference.

  • Be honest about the amount of time that members are expected to help.

  • Let members know that their contributions and suggestions are appreciated.

  • Provide good, clear, regular communication.

  • Make meetings and projects fun!

  • Allow everyone to share their passions and talent, but also provide challenges to help them grow.

Perhaps, if we heed these suggestions, we may be able to not only attract new members, but to keep our present members engaged. Best wishes as you work to continue to serve your communities through diversity.

Yours in Service and Friendship,

Cindy Gregg, PID
Area Global Action Team Coordinator (Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)


I would like to thank everyone for their kind expressions of sympathy during my mom (Helen Bucci’s) illness and passing. The lovely cards, messages, floral arrangements, donations, and participation at the Lions’ service were very greatly appreciated and will always be remembered.

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