Cindy Gregg, PID

GAT Coordinator, Area 1-D

(PA, VA, and WV)


Hello, Fellow Lions and Leos,

Is your goal for this year to increase and retain members? Do you want to encourage members to accept leadership positions for offices next year? If so, the North American Membership Initiative (NAMI) is for you! This is NOT the “same old plan that LCI resurrects every few years!” Instead, it is a custom-made plan developed by YOUR members to help YOUR club achieve its goals.

Recently, PDG Charlie McGrew sent a SWOT Analysis to each club to examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to develop a plan to accomplish your goals. So, what do you need to consider?


First, think about what your club is doing well. Is it your leadership, service projects, meetings, trainings, etc.?


What is not working well?


  • Is your club recycling officers too frequently?

  • Is your club not providing proper training or orientation for your members? 

  • Is your club merely writing checks, rather than being visible within the community?

  • Are your meetings long, boring, and unproductive, just the same old-same old?

  • Are members welcoming, or do they squabble and reject new ideas?


If you answered yes, to any of these questions, how can you turn those weaknesses into strengths?


What opportunities are available?

  • Are new families or business moving in?

  • Is there a particular cause that your community members may rally around to provide service in this area

  • Does your club encourage members to take online Lions training courses or to participate in zone and district functions, as well as the various Lions Symposiums and LCI’s Leadership Institutes?

  • Is your club interested in forming partnerships with other community groups?

Finally, what happens when plans go awry? Certainly, none of us foresaw the havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked upon the entire world. Yet, many clubs have found alternative opportunities to meet and serve their communities.


Likewise, just because projects were previously unsuccessful or because individuals said, “No!” when they were asked to join doesn’t mean that you can’t try, again. Circumstances change. Rather than saying, “This can’t be done,” we need to change our attitude and consider methods to effectively deal with this area of the analysis.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help your club to complete the analysis to enable them to revitalize your club with new members who will add vitality and fresh ideas and to re-motivate your present members with interesting and meaningful service projects that will increase your visibility within the community. Of course, make your meetings and projects fun, while developing closer relationships with your club members. If you do this, you WILL be successful.


Best wishes for an Excellent year.


Yours in Service,

Cindy Gregg, PID

Global Action Team Coordinator Area 1-D (PA, VA, and WV)

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