​Fellow members,

Halloween just passed and now we are on to Thanksgiving. The pandemic has not let up on us yet, and the challenges are still there. As Lion Leaders continue to find ways to keep our members active.

Projects and fundraisers have been challenging. Focus on the vision of what it is that the club wants to achieve by these and get the members involved by sharing ideas as to how to make them happen. Let those members step up and help make it happen.

We all know the “It takes a village to raise a child” proverb. It simply means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Well, let us look at that proverb a little different during these times. As leaders, look at a shortened version “It takes a village”. We want everyone to experience what being a lion’s member has to offer, and especially during these times we want everyone to be safe and healthy. The bigger question here is “How”?

Being a Lions Leader can be challenging, but oh so rewarding! Let us all use the “How” to interact with each other, even digitally. Do not forget about your neighboring clubs. Simple shared ideas are what most of our projects are built from. These shared ideas help to let us overcome the obstacles and bring about success when we sometimes need it the most.

As a reminder, the Zone Chair Shadowing program continues. If you know of a member that is interested, please contact me. Working together we can let them experience what opportunities, good and in all honesty not so good, comes with considering stepping into the position of Zone Chair. It is a great opportunity for members to continue to expand on their “Why” they are a member of the worlds largest service organization.

Yours in Service,

PDG Aaron Slezak

PDG Aaron Slezak

GLT Team Coordinator

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