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It is that time of year again. In order to transition into the next Lions year, we must begin to put thought into our club structures including officers and positions. Has anyone in your club looked over the Standard Club Structure organizational chart available on Lions Club International website?

The standard club structure provides organizational guidance for your club. The questions that need to be asked and opinions that need to be shared are simply “Does every officer in your club have an active obligation to carry out for their year?” Many of our officers have titles but no specific focus of what it is that they can bring to the club for the upcoming year.

For years it was simply president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, directors, tail twister and lion tamer. That seems to have been and still is the “norm” for most clubs. What specifically are your vice presidents undertaking for their year, and how about those directors? We must avoid filling a position just because. When the club is struggling with members stepping into leadership roles it is time to rethink those roles. Active roles bring about active members.

Now is the time to look over the standard club structure and rethink your club officer positions. Now is the time to realign ourselves for the future. Looking over the organizational chart it helps us to assign titles better which will help us assign tasks to each one of those titles. Examples would be to use those Vice President roles and Director roles and assign them to a position within the organizational chart. The chart can be tailored specific to each of our clubs. You may be adding a few positions, but honestly do not delete any of those positions. The organizational chart is there for a reason. It does help bring a club into the “Now”.

Have a copy of this chart available for your next board meeting. Send it out prior to your scheduled meeting to all members. Address the fact that there may be positions on the chart that will be new for the club. Let everyone know of the open positions that are on the chart and remind members that everyone must be actively helping to ensure that your club remains a vital part of your community.

Yours in Service,

PDG Aaron Slezak

PDG Aaron Slezak

GLT Team Coordinator

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