​How do we talk ourselves into trying something new? How do we learn to focus on what we are being asked to do and not the fear of doing it? We start by taking the first step!

When we all started to learn to walk, we always fell, but we got back up. Imagine where we would be today without that basic instinct within all of us. There would be a lot of us sitting around limiting ourselves.

Believe me when I say, there is so much more available to Lions members than belonging to a club.

Club members are the heart of our organization. But, consider the soul of this organization and what it has to offer you in a variety of different ways.


Belonging to a club has brought about a commitment from within yourself to try to make a difference. Whether it be a fundraiser to raise money for an organization or individual, or a highway clean up to make a difference with the environment around you. You have what it takes by committing to your membership. Why not consider seeing what else being a member can offer. Take that first step and learn to walk all over again. This time the path will lead you to opportunities to better yourself and those around you. Every accomplishment begins with the simple decision to try.


Our Zone “Shadow” position is open to all members. It is an opportunity to not only learn more about our organization, but also to help others see the potential in themselves along your journey. Instead of thinking of reasons to not try it, take a few moments and think of the reasons why you would consider this:


  • Opportunity to meet individual clubs and share their successes and failures

  • Opportunity to be the link between the clubs and the district

  • Opportunity to support those around you

  • Opportunity to share what you will learn along your journey

  • Opportunity to better yourself through fellowship and leadership


Reach out to any of our District Officers to hear their stories of why they have stepped into leadership roles. I can guarantee there are a variety of reasons. It could be simply helping when needed or trying something outside of their comfort zone. Ask us, use our experiences to help you see what else is available to you from our organization.Step up and give it a try, that is what this program is all about. You will never know unless you try. Shadowing alongside current Zone Chairpersons gives you the opportunity learn of the “duties” of a Zone Chair. It will also let you realize what it is that you can make of this opportunity.


Yours in Service,

PDG Aaron Slezak

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