​Fellow members,


Being dropped into a role of leadership is both a compliment and burden.

It can be overwhelming. Leadership is an act of inspiration, not control. True

leaders understand that their success is dependent on those they serve, which

in this case is their club.

See things as they are. Knowing where you are is the first step in knowing where to go. Whether a “seasoned” officer, or a newcomer, certain roles are defined much more than others. That is the key to your success. Clubs need to “rethink” the roles of officers every year. For the most part, these roles have specific general duties, but each and every role can be tweaked for what works for your club and their members. Why would we pass up on opportunities that someone can help but there may be one part that they cannot commit to? Work with your fellow members, and club, to find a way to make it work!

Lions Club International offers information that pertains to specific roles. Take a little and get to know what is expected of the role you may or may not have volunteered for. In times of need, especially with our own clubs, sometimes we just need to step up and help. Think about it for a moment, is it really a “burden” to help your club when it needs help? I guarantee it is not a burden for the club, everyone is truly thankful when members step up. Never forget “We Serve”. We must continue to remember to serve our clubs first in order to serve others. Clubs cannot exist without officers, and when clubs do not exist, serving those in need cannot happen.


It is a tough position to be in when our clubs are struggling for members to step into leadership roles. Fellow members, never just sit and wait, always express your interest in whatever it is that you would like to be involved with. Opportunities are always there to improve on yourself and your club. Fellow officers recognize the opportunities that are there for others to step into roles that are vacant, and do not forget about the roles that are not vacant. We need to always be looking for assistants and replacements. Some may get too comfortable in their role which leads to being uncomfortable in changes.


Keep in mind, it is not just your club, it also is our District 14E. We are in need to Zone Chairpersons. People who are willing to do a little more for the good of the cause. Yes, it is a little more. Those that have taken that path know the commitment that is needed to succeed. But, everyone must remember it is not a path taken alone. We all come together to walk beside each other and that my friends is our success story.

Yours in Service,

PDG Aaron Slezak

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