​Hello Fellow Lions,


Thank you for trying something a little different last month on Leadership. The crossword puzzle winner is Lion Alice Heasley from the Delmont Lions Club!! Great job as she got all 20 answers correct! The reward for her efforts is a $25 gas card.


Here are some words of wisdom by William Arthur Wood: “Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.” When we have projects or events in our clubs, for our clubs, we all need to work together to accomplish our goal to give back to others. Not all of us are Leaders, but we all work together to make a difference. Change is a must in today’s challenging world. Without change, we are not going to survive.


Traits of a good Leader are boosting morale, providing motivation, clear communication, and providing appropriate resources. When you put those traits to use, we as Leaders can have a great impact on change. There is no harm in trying something new and it not working out as without failure, we will not be able to overcome and grow.


Lions must all look into your clubs and communities to seek out Leaders. I would like to challenge each and every club in our District to finish out the Lions year with a positive growth. Thank you for all you do and remember, Together We Can.

PDG Chuck

DG Chuck Thompkins.png

PDG Chuck Thompkins

GLT Team Coordinator