​Fellow members,

February’s newsletter included the Standard Club Structure diagram to help get clubs on track with new officers within their clubs. Some of the titles are a little different. Keep in mind that the roles of Vice Presidents and Directors should be assigned a specific task at hand for the club. We want to avoid dual roles, but if you club is struggling and there isn’t a specific task at hand for the roles of Vice President and Directors then what are their contributions?


It is coming up to the time that PU 101’s will need submitted again. When you look over the form for submission of course it needs President, Secretary, Treasurer and 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents. But along with those a Membership and Service Chairperson, LCIF Coordinator and a Club Marketing Communications officer is needed. If your club is struggling to get members to step into those roles or due to low member count unable to fill those roles, consider the 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents and any directors. They are officers that most certainly need roles to be actively involved within the club. By assigning these roles, you are ensuring your club is kept up on the most current information and help with those specific roles.


Our club elections are similar in nature but may be executed differently due to individuality that is needed for each club. Unless prohibited by a club’s constitution and by-laws, the Standard Club By-Laws permits all Lions Clubs to conduct meetings via alternative meeting formats. This allows each club to choose a method of conducting elections that is suitable for those members. This can be via phone, teleconferencing platform, email, or any other method that is acceptable to the club members.


If your club is fortunate to enlist new members as new team leaders, never forget that it is like venturing into unknown territory for some. Do not anticipate a smooth transition because everyone brings a little of themselves to assigned roles. This in time will bring about changes that work for each individual member to ensure the stability of the role, what is expected, and what is given can be entirely different from one member to another. The point of stepping into a role is to experience the opportunity of improving on oneself while helping others.


With change resistance usually is there. If you must bring about change understand your reasons and goals to help others understand what it is that you are trying to achieve. If you cannot explain yourself and the changes you need to make, how do we expect others around us to accept them?


As we are all experiencing during this pandemic, we must remember that with each new year, there will be new challenges. The sooner we approach our challenges, the quicker we can hopefully overcome them. Take steps to ensure active members become active leaders.

Yours in Service,

PDG Aaron Slezak


PDG Aaron Slezak

GLT Team Coordinator