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DG Chuck's Message - March 2021

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Dear Fellow Lions,

I hope your Valentine’s Day was good. I hope you made someone’s day better than usual. Did you pick up your phone and call someone just to say “Hi”, or send out a card? Time is just flying by. It is hard to believe that February is going, going, gone already. Now it’s March, and Spring will be upon us quickly. I know this has been a difficult year, but do not give up.

Upcoming Events:

We have the 4th Cabinet Meeting and Spring Social coming up on April 17th. I am hoping to see your wonderful faces there. The event will take place at the Lamplighter Restaurant in Delmont from 8a-3p. Please see the enclosed flyer to make your reservations for breakfast and lunch.

I still have 9 “Shave the Staches” tickets left. For a $25 dollar donation to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation), you will receive a chance to receive a Melvin Jones award. If the goal of $10,000 is raised, PID James Cavallaro & ID Larry Edwards have agreed to shave off their wooly upper lips. To sweeten the pot for our District, I will shave off my own beard and moustache, and I will do so during the afternoon social activities on April 17th! And for those who supported this effort,, they will have a hand in my shaving, and Lions Amanda & Lance Remic will be posting it on Facebook live!! If you would like a ticket, please contact me as soon as possible.

Remember, it is the time of year for all clubs to be having their club officer elections. Remember after your elections are final to enter your PU101’s into LCI. The PU101’s must be entered no later than May 15th. It is very important to get this information entered timely as many people need the new, updated information.

I need everyone to be thinking of Membership. I know this has been a difficult year, but if you just ask one person to join your club, this would increase our District’s membership and we would be at a positive number rather than in the negative. It would be tremendous to end the year with a positive membership growth. New Members bring New Ideas. New Ideas can benefit all of our clubs. Like my theme says, “Open Up For New Ideas”. Soon the weather will be changing for the better, so we as Lions need to do the same. Let’s get invested with our communities, and brighten up their spirits. Let’s work together. How about planting some flowers around town, or having an Easter Egg Hunt for adults and children? It will be fun for all and will allow us to be visible in the community!

ATTENTION ALL LIONS, I am putting out an All Purpose Alert! Do you want to learn more about Lions? Do you want to meet more Lions in your District? Here is a great way to do so….the District is in need of Zone Chairpersons. Join the Zone Chair Shadowing Program to see if this is something you might be interested in. We are in dire need of Zone Chairpersons. If you are interested, or have any questions you would like answered, please feel free to contact me.

Don’t forget your Service activities. Remember to continue to enter your Service into MyLion. Even though we have been limited in what we could do this year, this has not stopped us from service others. Did you know that making phone calls to your club members to check on them can count as service hours for your club? Yes it does. Please enter hour hours. If you are u

nable to do so, please email your service activities and hours to District Administrator Denise Poole, and she will enter them for you.

One last item, please remember to send in your club’s District Donations as soon as possible. I know things have been difficult, for everyone, but there are still those in need, and something is better than nothing.

Yours In Service,

DG Chuck

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