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DG Message - Sept. 2019

It’s September. The kids have returned to school and a new Lions year is now well underway. As we near the end of the first quarter of a new Lions year, it’s good to review our goals and progress.

Does your club have goals for this year? If not, discuss them as a club and get them on paper in September. One of my favorite sayings is “a good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot!” As individual Lions and clubs, we can all benefit from some challenges and some goals to excite our members.

This year, I am challenging all our clubs with some goals to add to your own.

1. Train Your Club Officers. Whether you were trained in your officer role before or not, all club officers are encouraged to attend our Club Leadership Day (officer training), this Sunday, September 8th at Westmoreland County Community College. The goal is SHARING between leaders of our clubs around the county. So even if you are not new to your role, come learn what’s changed and share your experience with officers from other clubs so we can all learn from each other. The townhall/discussion format is a change that will benefit everyone and help us to learn from each other.

2. Host 2 Membership Events This Year. Every club is being challenged to host 2 membership events this year. Please do not make these regular club meetings. Schedule either a regular meeting night as a social event instead or do a service project in place of a meeting. Or, use an existing service project or fundraiser as a membership event. The key is to invite potential members to join you for a day/afternoon/evening and have some fun being a part of what we do --- service and fellowship. Challenge your members for fun and engaging ideas – something that they will invite friends or others to come to and meet your members and see the fun you all have.

3. Get at Least 2 Members from Your Club Trained to Use the SPOT Vision Screeners. The youth of Westmoreland County stand to benefit from your club scheduling vision screenings using our newest SPOT Vision Screeners. They are so easy to use and so effective. They literally take seconds to screen someone and from a distance of about 3 feet away. It’s like taking a picture of someone’s eyes and getting the results. We can only screen more children in our county and make a difference in their young lives if we have members trained on how to use the equipment and we get screenings scheduled. Help us to help the youth of our county and get your members trained and screenings booked at preschools, daycares, schools, churches, youth organizations, libraries, community events, etc. Training is planned for Saturday, September 21st at 9:30am at the Blind Association in Greensburg and will take about 90 minutes. Or, contact PDG Sam Snively and schedule training at your club during a club meeting or other date.

4. Monthly Service Reporting. Every club should have a goal to report service activity each month, and yes, a monthly meeting should be reported. There have been a lot of changes to service reporting in the past 6 months. Clubs now report their service activities to our district on our new website ( and on the new MyLion website or mobile app. We have a Club Support Session this month on September 11th at the Westmoreland County Blind Association to train us all on using MyLion. Please plan to have someone from you club responsible for reporting attend to learn how to use the new reporting system. If you need assistance with reporting, please contact Denise Poole, our District Administrator, for assistance at .

Whatever your club goals are this year, they should include member engagement. Several clubs I’ve visited ask regularly at their meetings for new ideas for projects and fundraisers, or to identify needs in the community. What a great way to start discussion among your members and find out what interests everyone. But the challenge is on for us to find ways to serve more people in our community. Part of the answer is for us to find more people like ourselves to help us do more, another part is to engage our members in new ways and bring a new energy to what we are doing. Set your goals for the year and encourage new ideas and discussion at your club meetings. Let’s find new and exciting ways to serve our communities this year and make them happen! As I mentioned earlier, a good goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot!

DG David DeFazio

(724) 454-0912 cell/text

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