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DG Message - May 2020

It’s hard to believe that it’s already May. Unfortunately, most of our clubs have suspended meetings and events to comply with social distancing guidelines. Times like these challenge us to evaluate how we do things. The mindset of “because we have always done it that way” should be challenged by your club leaders and members. Times change and the same old way may no longer be the best way. Newer members bring new experience and new ideas that can be used to improve your club. So, while we are not meeting as a club or meeting remotely, now is a great time to take care of some housekeeping and assess our own clubs.

  1. Club Secretaries – please audit and update your club member information in MyLCI. Some members may have outdated addresses or phone numbers and many are missing email addresses or have old email addresses.

  2. Club Presidents – Please review the How Are Your Ratings survey online at . Determine the best way to conduct the survey of your club’s members in May. At the district level, we are happy to do this for you to help ensure transparency and confidentiality of member responses. This can be done remotely through the mail or online using a tool like surveymonkey or others. Let me of PDG Dave Stitely know if you would like help with this. This is a great opportunity for your club to identify areas of improvement and to allow members to let you know where they might like to see some changes. This is a great way to stay in touch with your members and keep them engaged in this time away from each other.

  3. Club Service Chairs/Secretaries/Presidents – Please review your club’s year of service in MyLion. We are seriously under-reporting our service activities and many clubs have yet to even report a single service project. Please update MyLion during this time so the work your club has done this year is up to date. After June 30, you will not be able to report on projects from this Lions year any longer. If you need help, please reach out to District Administrator Denise Poole or PDG Lance Remic using their contact information at the end of this newsletter.

  4. Consider remote meetings – there are a lot of options you can use for remote meetings with your club or board. You can register for a free Zoom account and hold meetings up to 40 minutes (longer if you have a paid account). Google Meet is also free and accessible to those with gmail and Google calendar. Skype is also offering free meetings. If you prefer old school phone calls, sign up to get an account on Keep your club engaged, explore your options.

From the latest reports, it may take most of the summer to get back to somewhat normal. Now is a great time for your club and board to do a little brainstorming. Given the changes in the world around us, how can your club and members continue to serve perhaps individually, remotely, or in small groups? When I visited clubs earlier this year, I asked every club what would happen in their communities if their Lions Club no longer existed. If your club stops donating to and serving your community, the impact is the same. Please brainstorm and find new ways to accomplish your goals and help your community in a safe way that protects your members and the community. The need has never been greater for us Lions than it is right now. We are Lions, we serve. Find ways to help.

Later in this newsletter, you will see work that West Newton Lions Club and Rostraver Township Lions Club have been doing to help those in need in their communities. Be creative, use new tools, challenge new members to generate new ideas and be open to them. It won’t be the same thing as always and that’s ok. Blaze new paths. It’s about serving your community. There are many ways to help that don’t involve raising money, but good old-fashioned rolling up your sleeves. Thanks for continuing to make a difference and reporting your club’s service.

Finally, I want to congratulate all of our newly elected officers for the 2020-2021 Lions year: District Governor Elect Chuck Thompkins, 1st Vice District Governor Elect Margie Wolff, and 2nd Vice District Governor Elect Tony Catullo. A special thanks to all of those involved in making this election happen, especially Zone Chair Jeff Jordan for managing the technology behind our election, PDG Dave Stitely for overseeing certification of delegates, and the PDG Lance Remic for overseeing and certifying the election results. Also, a big thanks to our delegates who took time to vote for our district officers. We Lions can adapt, and we will continue to serve for another year!

DG David DeFazio

724-454-0912 cell/text

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