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DG Message - March 2020

One of my favorite comic strips has always been The Family Circus by cartoonist Bill Keane. I

especially relate to the “Not Me” ghost who appears when a parent asks who did something and the children all reply “not me.” We can all relate to the situation regardless of our age.

Why do I bring this up? Well, believe it or not, it is time for club officer elections. So, now, you see the “not me” link? Fact is, many of our clubs have been recycling leaders for years because our newer Lions are not able to or willing to accept leadership roles. Another fact is that many of our older members who continue to fill those leadership positions are burnt out and would appreciate new members stepping up to help.

Club officers must be reported to the district and Lions Clubs International no later than May

15th. We need new leaders to bring their energy and ideas to the positions of Club President, Club Vice President, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Club Membership Chairperson, Club Service Chairperson, Club Marketing Communications Chairperson, Club LCIF Coordinator.

If you are a newer Lions member of less than 5 years, your club could really use your help by filling a leadership role. Your ideas and opinions matter as a newer Lion and it is so important that your voice be heard and that you have the opportunity to help your club continue to grow. Please consider running for a leadership position this year. Just like being a Lion, make the position fit your schedule and not the other way around. Those who know me best know that most of my Lions activities take place after 10pm because that’s what works for me.

For our younger members who may be looking for experience that could help them in their

careers and job search, a Lions leadership position could help you fill out your resume, learn

leadership skills, and demonstrate these new skills to employers on your resume.

In fact, did you know that every single Lion has access to the Lions Learning Center? From the Lions Clubs home page, on the top click on member login. Then scroll to the bottom of the next page and click on the Go button under Learn. From the next page, you can click the Go button to get to the Lions Learning Center. This gives you access to free courses about Lions and even position training courses, as well as personal growth skills such as meeting management, delegation, goal setting, and public speaking. It’s all available to you as part of your membership dues so take advantage during your free time and gain some new knowledge and skills.

On a final leadership note, if you are looking for your next Lions role, why not consider a leadership role at the district level? We are actively looking for new zone chairpersons to work with a small group of clubs that form a zone. This is a great position to help you learn career-building skills and we need our newer Lions at this level as well to share their energy and new ideas. We are looking for four new zone chairpersons for next Lions year. Through our zone chair shadowing program, you can “shadow” one of our current zone chairs over the coming months to see what it is that they do and determine if it is right for you. Again, like everything else, you make the role fit your schedule and not the other way around. Please consider giving back to Lions and let us help you solidify your career skills. Let any zone chair, district officer, or past district governor know you are interested for more information.

Help build up your club this spring! Ask someone to join you in doing what we do best, “we serve!” Just Ask! Invite a friend to serve with you this spring.

District Governor David DeFazio

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