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DG Message - July 2019

Ciao fellow Lions!

Welcome to a brand-new Lions year! Together, we Lions throughout Westmoreland County will achieve great things this year as we live out our motto, “We Serve!”

Before going any further, let us quickly give a special thank you to Past District Governor Charlie McGrew and all our district leadership from this past year for a great year of service. There is much to be proud of from this past year including our district coming together to donate a “Brady Buggy” to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to help make treatments for our area’s youngest cancer patients just a little more bearable. As always, financial contributions from across our district continue to impress and to make so much possible for those in need.

At this year’s Lions Clubs International 102nd annual convention in Milan, Italy, our newest president, Dr. Jung-Yul Choi of the Republic of Korea, began his term. His theme for us this year is “We serve through diversity.” We should all take this as a challenge in looking at those we serve and those we invite to join our clubs to help us serve.

Diversity means many things. For example, we could certainly use more women members and leaders in our clubs and district. How can we serve those of different ages and economic backgrounds or encourage them to join us in service? Can we continue to increase members from diverse ethnic backgrounds and provide services that span across them as well? Finally, how can we add some diversity to the types of service we provide? There are many opportunities for all of us to rise to President Choi’s challenge. Consider how small adjustments to your club’s program this year can provide more diversity.

This year I am challenging each individual Lion and each club in our district to “Be a Little Bolder.” Put simply, don’t be afraid to try something new and to invite others to join us in our service journey. It’s a simple enough challenge, but it calls each of us individually, as well as each club, to think perhaps just a little bit differently. Let’s work together with multi-club, zone and district service projects and meetings. And most importantly, let’s have some fun!

Just as I am challenging each of you, I am challenging myself and our district officers to also be a little bolder. “What can I do for you?” will be our guiding principle this year as we look to help our Lions Clubs and members. There should be no ideas too big for us to work on together, and no projects too small to make a difference in someone’s life. I encourage all Lions to work with myself and our other officers throughout this Lions year. No club or Lion should be an island, we need to work together to make a larger impact in Westmoreland County. Involve us in the next few months as you plan out your upcoming Lions year.

I thank each of you for all you have done over this past year and am looking forward to serving not above you, not beneath you, but with you all this year! Grazie mille!

David DeFazio

(724) 454-0912 cell/text

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