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DG Message - Dec 2019

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” My family and I repeat this line from the movie, Elf, over and over all season long. But, it’s true! Enthusiasm is contagious. Maybe that’s why so many people love this time of year, because there is so much positive enthusiasm and good vibes in the air.

I think that’s one of the things I love most about Lions. We send positive vibes all year round. We make a difference all year round. I love hearing about and finding new ways that our Lions help others, how we help those in need, how we change lives. Lions are caring people. We are giving people. We see the best in people. And best yet, we do this all year long, not just during the holiday season.

You hear stories about how food banks overflow around the holidays, but shelves are near empty much of the year. You hear stories about paying it forward as someone pays for coffee or an order for the person behind them and the trend continues for hours on end, but you only hear those during the holidays. You hear about groups visiting nursing homes and hospitals and singing and playing games with residents and patients, but mostly during the holidays.

As Lions, we understand there is need all year long. You hear stories about the great things Lions do all year long, the lives we change, the differences we make. Some of the community hears these stories, but many do not. At some point, they may hear them. But one thing is for sure, we Lions are much better story makers than we are story tellers. Let someone else tell the story about how the Lions touched their lives, how we brought a smile or comfort to their lives, how we helped them out of a tough spot in their life, how we gave them glasses to see, how we surprised their family with a little bit of Christmas love when they had practically nothing. I say it all the time, but you Lions are amazing with all that you do. I hear your stories. I hear them told back to me by those who you served. You make a difference and, whether you get the direct feedback or not, your works are appreciated.

Fellow Lions, during this holiday season, our district Lions family wishes each of you the very best. Make memories with friends and family, whether you are together or apart this holiday season. Thank you for a great 2019 fellow Lions. 2020 brings a new year of surprises for us, but for now, let’s take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve done this year. You all remind me every day why I am proud to be a Lion.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! And remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Make some noise, fellow Lions!

David DeFazio

(724) 454-0912 cell/text

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