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DG Message - Aug 2019

A man was walking around a circus tent, when he suddenly stopped in front of the elephants. He was shocked to see these huge creatures were only being held by a very small rope tied to their front leg, much like a small dog leash. There were no chains or cages as he had expected. Obviously, he thought, these elephants were strong enough to break free at any time, so he wondered why they did not.

Spotting a trainer nearby, he asked why the elephants just stood there and never attempted to get away. The trainer responded, “When they were young and much smaller than they are now, we used the same rope to tie them and at that time it was strong enough to hold them. As they grew up, they came to believe that the rope could still hold them, so they never try to break free.” The man was amazed that these large, magnificent animals were stuck right where they were only because they believed they could not break free from the small rope.

The lesson here is that we all change over time and so does the world around us. Nothing stays the same. What stopped us in the past from trying or doing things may not any longer. Keep this in mind as we all complete our club planning for the upcoming year, listen to and involve your new members and be willing to try new things.

Here are some good ways to get started this year.

  • Club Officer Training. Times have changed and this is not the same old Lions Clubs. We are changing and so are the tools our club officers need to manage their clubs. Our district Global Leadership Team (GLT) Chair Aaron Slezak is planning a fantastic afternoon of training for all club officers and any other Lions that would like to attend. The event “Find a Bolder Path” will be held Sunday, September 8th at Westmoreland Community College in Youngwood. See the details later in this newsletter. It is going to be a great afternoon of fun and learning. If nothing else, come to socialize and share ideas with other Lions from around the county.

  • SPOT Vision Screener Training. Vision is one of the things we Lions are known for globally. Across Westmoreland County this year, we are on a mission to significantly increase the number of child vision screenings we perform. We need your help to reach this goal. Did you know that there are multiple vision conditions that can cause permanent damage if not corrected before age 7? Our SPOT vision screeners take literally seconds to test a child for multiple conditions and they are as easy to use as taking a picture. In fact, they even look like a camera! PDG Sam Snively is coordinating Vision services this year for our district and scheduled SPOT Vision Screener Training on Saturday, September 21st at the Westmoreland County Blind Association in Greensburg. This a great time to learn or refresh your knowledge. As a club, task someone with scheduling some screenings in your community --- in the schools, preschools, daycares, church Sunday schools, libraries, or wherever kids and families are. Contact PDG Sam for more information.

Hope to see you all soon! Be bold this year in your club’s plans and try some new activities. Listen to new ideas or retry old ideas. Times change. And like those elephants, let’s not be held back by those small ropes anymore.

David DeFazio

(724) 454-0912 cell/text

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