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DG Chuck's Message - Jan 2021

Dear Fellow Lions,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year. The time sure is flying by quickly!

My year as your District Governor is going fast, but like my theme, “Open Up For New Ideas”, look at the changes we as Lions have had to overcome. Zoom Meetings, making phone calls, social distancing and wearing masks. Change can be difficult, but as we have all had to make adaptations, I feel we have adapted well. I honestly cannot wait until we can all meet as a group as I know we are all missing the social interaction! Hang in there as I hope we are coming to the end of the COVID-19 era very soon. As Lions, we do not give up nor do we give in. Please do not let the pandemic put out your fire for service others. Consider partnering with other clubs and service organizations; try something new such as online raffles, ticket sales, or even a virtual flea market. Let us all put on our thinking helmets and expand our horizons. Many clubs still took part in the ringing of the Salvation Army Bell, the Toys 4 Tots Program & Holiday Food Distributions!! Job well done—it was done a little differently than normal, but the end result was the same—we were able to Serve those in need!!

I am looking for a few Lions who want to expand their horizons as well as their knowledge base. RLLI (Regional Lions Learning Institute) is coming up soon, and I would like to send at least 2 Lions who want to grow and expand their knowledge of Lions. This is a great learning experience as well as expanding your Lions family! Come and learn more and meet our amazing instructors who can teach you new ways of growing and expanding. If you are interested, please contact me and I will get the ball rolling for you!

Zone Chairs are needed badly for our District! If you are interested in becoming a Zone Chair, please let me know or you can also contact PDG Aaron Slezak. This is another way you can learn more about Lions Club International as well as our District. I know you all have hidden talents, so please do not be afraid to step up and open yourself up to a new challenge!!

As for my year as your District Governor, I want to again thank you all for trying to do your best to accommodate for meetings and service projects. I know I am as many are, missing out on things as a result of the pandemic, but I am not letting that bother me. I am grateful to all of you who have trusted and supported me thus far.

A special thanks to our Newsletter Editor—Lion Lisa Gismondi for a job very well done!! I cannot thank her enough for staying so positive with the newsletter as it is not an easy task to round up all the articles, get them pulled together and then to insert the extra eye catchers!! (Especially when Lions are known to be

Another special thanks to ZC Jeff Jordan as he has taken on additional duties related to the technology aspects of the pandemic by being willing and able to schedule and take part in the Zoom Meetings that are needed for the clubs as well as the District. As he is the scheduler, he must also attend the meeting, so if your club has used the Zoom Meeting, please remember to give ZC Jeff a big thank-you for his time and efforts to let him know he is appreciated!! Due to his obligations, and precautions he must take, he has been the helping hand that we have needed to see us through with this new method of meeting. Thank you ZC Jeff as we could not have done this without you!!

And a big thank-you to all Lions who have remained positive and for trying new things!! You are all amazing!

One reminder….I have the Shave the Stach’s Tickets. This is an effort to raise funds for LCIF. For a $25 contribution, you will receive a ticket. If your ticket is chosen at the end of the campaign, you will receive a Melvin Jones Fellow. There is a goal of $10,000 to be raised, and if the goal is met, ID Larry Edwards & PID James Cavallaro will be shaving their fuzzy upper lips!! I will go one step further….if the state goal is met & I sell all of my tickets, I will also shave my furry face as well!! So if you are up to another challenge, please contact me for your ticket!!

Yours in Service, DG Chuck

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