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2VDG Tony's Message - Oct 2020

“Why would I want to go to the Mass Induction Ceremony?” Now that is a good question and some of you lions just might be asking it. Some of you probably don’t know what the Mass Induction is and others may be questioning its value. Why should we gather all the new members of this last year, have a speaker, eat dinner and then induct all these young Lions? Add to that it is a formal affair costing twenty-seven dollars and it’s understandable some folks will be put off. I will concede all that yet still tell you the Mass Induction can be a moving and meaningful.

It especially meaningful for those new Lions as it provides them with a keen sense of the scope and range of the organization they have just joined. These new Lions will begin to see their horizons broadened beyond their local clubs and communities and gain greater appreciation for the difference the presence of the Lions Club makes. These new members will remember this evening and leave with a renewed sense of purpose. All these new Lions will be encouraged and will know that just being a lion makes a difference in this world.

Indeed it is not only meaningful for these new Lions but for all other Lions there. It is always good to be reminded that the Lions Club is the largest service organization in the world. It is good to gather with other Lions and it is good to celebrate our common purpose. Showing up also demonstrates great support for these new Lions and assures them of the fellowship they will enjoy. And here’s an idea; if some find the cost prohibitive why not subsidize the cost for those new Lions? It’s a good night and I look forward to being with my fellow Lions.

2VDG Tony Catullo

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