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2VDG Tony's message - Nov 2020

Well, the frost is on the pumpkin, the leaves have changed color, and the seasons are once again changing. We turned another page of the calendar and we are just that much closer to the end of the year. And what a year 2020 has been! The politics have been raucous, there has been rioting in the streets and looting, and we have suffered through this terrible and deadly pandemic. 2020 truly has been “Annus Horrilibus” a horrible year. Many of us cannot wait to say “Goodbye!” to the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty hoping that next year will be better.

Many just might be thinking there isn’t much to be thankful for this year and that would be a shame. Yes, we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, and why not? For despite all that has happened during this crazy year we still are a people who have been blessed munificently by God. Why if you have a roof over your head, clothes on you back, and food in the pantry you are blessed. If you have good friends and family who love you then you are blessed. If you wake up each morning as a free man or woman you are blessed. And if your life is enriched with meaning and purpose you are blessed.

Indeed, if you are a Lion you are blessed. For just being a lion infuses your life with the gift of service, and true meaning and purpose is invariably found in service. This pandemic will pass, our politics will settle down and we will all get back to work but the call of service will remain. This service makes us part of something much bigger than ourselves and enhances our lives. So let’s celebrate Thanksgiving this year as it should be celebrated, in sincere gratitude and true humility for we truly have been blessed.

2VDG Tony Catullo

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