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2VDG Tony's Message - Feb 2021

What to write, what to write? With this ongoing and seemingly interminable pandemic there

just is not as much happening. We have been forced to curtail some activities and even cancel others. It has been difficult and frustrating. Still one thing we are not is discouraged. When it really matters lions will always find a way to get the job done. Lions will improvise, adapt, and persevere. Perhaps now is the time to share with each other the various ways different clubs have been adapting to the current circumstances. So if something has worked let’s hear about it.

If you found a new way to run your barbecue let everyone know. If you have been able to adapt your pancake breakfast to the current conditions share that insight. If you have found any way safely around the covid restrictions broadcast it. Ingenuity may very well breed even more ingenuity. We can all make good use of the district’s newsletter and what we learn here can also be shared at higher levels. It is all part of working together for the same goal and purpose, service to others, especially those who are least able to help themselves.

Also, fellow lions, lets look to our own well-being while we work our way through this pandemic. Let’s maintain those practices that protect ourselves and others. As much as we may dislike the mask let’s wear it when appropriate. Let’s still respect social distancing and respect this disease. And, if you are comfortable with it, let’s be vaccinated as soon as possible. We will get through this and we will be all the stronger for it. Here’s wishing all of you well and looking forward to seeing you.


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