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2VDG Tony's Message, Aug 2020

“Why am I a Lion?” Have you ever asked yourself that simple yet salient question, “why am I a Lion?” There certainly are any number of things we could be doing instead of going to meetings, working on fundraisers, selling raffle tickets or any other of the myriad of activities which keep lions busy. There’s a reason you are a Lion. There’s a reason you will barbecue chicken on a hot day or get up early on a Saturday morning to have a road cleanup or help build a wheelchair ramp at a disabled person’s home. To put it directly you are a Lion because you give a darn. You know the real measure of success is not in what you get but what you give, and yet in giving you have received more than you ever even imagined.

That’s why you are a Lion and that’s why you are even reading this newsletter. The time is ripe to let other people know why you are a Lion and not just for the sake of membership. Men and women who know the truth of the joy of service have a great trust placed upon them. Other men and women are in desperate need of knowing this truth. Let’s not keep the gift of service in Lionism a secret, let’s proclaim it in both word and deed. Let others know why you are a Lion and perhaps some will begin to think “Maybe I should be a Lion.”

Yes, we Lions at the local level, active in our communities and demonstrating our thankfulness in just being Lions are the greatest of recruiters. You will be hearing a lot about membership this year, specifically how we need more. You will receive a lot of information about different programs and methods, but nothing will be better than one neighbor loving another neighbor enough to share the gift of Lionism with them. Remember, you are a Lion for a reason. Wear you Lions gear with pride and always be ready to tell others why you are a Lion.

Yours in Lionism,

Tony Catullo

2nd VDG

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