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2VDG Tony's Message - April 2021

Well fellow Lions, it looks like long-awaited spring is here. The Pirates

are getting ready to open, the days are growing longer, and the grass is getting green. We will all be finishing one Lion year and starting another. We are electing our officers, having our charter nights and looking forward to what lies ahead. One thing is certain, we will continue to look for new ways to serve. One idea is to have a goal-setting meeting. It’s always good to have something to shoot for, it helps us to wisely husband our resources and provides us with direction. One suggestion is to review the past year looking at what worked and what did not work. It’s perfectly okay to scrap programs that aren’t producing the results hoped for in favor of new ideas that have potential. The key is to always be intentional about what we doing, everything should support our overall program in one way or another.

We should also be realistic about our goals, it’s demoralizing to keep on setting the bar too high only to fail. A good idea is to set goals that look to be attainable with some “stretch.” In other words ask a little more of ourselves but staying within the realm of possibility. That is exactly how athletes train, always pushing for that little extra. If we make that our mode we will be continually gaining. Of course one way we desperately want to be continually gaining is in membership. Again, set realistic goals for yourselves. Look to what has worked and reinvigorate those activities while pruning what hasn’t worked. Again, let’s be goal-oriented.

Finally, remember we now live in the digital age. It’s no shame to admit that some of us older members are not quite up to speed on computers as we might wish. Seek out those members who are more tech savvy and make good use of their talents. You can also seek help from folks at the district level, there is a lot of expertise there. Through social media you can increase your club’s presence in the community. Maintain an up to date web site with accurate and timely information, use social media platforms, and reach the community. This next Lion’s year can be a banner one. We are hopefully coming out of this pandemic and this next year is full of promise. Together we can and will make a difference to our communities in which we live and the world. Let’s all remember, it’s great to be a Lion!

2VDG Tony

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