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2VDG Message - Sept. 2019

Fall is fast approaching. It is getting dark earlier and earlier, kids are back in school, Labor Day is over, District 14-E has had its first Cabinet meeting with its new District Governor, David DeFazio, we have had some officer training, and Zone meetings have started to introduce the new DG. As a zone chair, I always enjoy visiting clubs and meeting everyone and renewing friendships. Please remember that I am here to help your club with fundraisers or in any way I can. You can contact me by phone or email.

One of the Lions’ main concerns is membership. It is not that we aren’t getting new members but that we are losing members faster for one reason or another. In today’s society, we are not well known. I have had people ask me “What are the Lions?” or “What do Lions do?”, or “What is a white cane”? We are victims of our own success.

Because of our past efforts, we have made many strides in helping to prevent blindness and in providing treatment for vision problems before they lead to vision loss, such as, preschool vision screening and educating the public about diabetes which can lead to vision problems. Also, now we have expanded our outreach to other areas at the direction of our International Presidents. In addition to vision and diabetes, hunger, environment, and childhood cancer have been added. Because, of these goals, we need more members to provide all of these services.

In this Newsletter there is a Flyer for District 14-E’s annual “Mass Induction” meeting. This is a meaningful experience, everyone is welcome. However, please encourage your new members and their sponsors to attend.

An additional note; you may be involved with your own club and that is good, but think about getting to know more about your District. You will be surprised at the bigger picture. Please attend Support and Training Sessions. You will learn more about Lions and make new acquaintances.

Yours in Lionism,

2VDG Margie Wolff

(724) 325-4133 H (412) 522-9985 C

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