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2VDG Message - Nov 2019

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

At this time of year, with Mass Induction taking place, and the enthusiasm and talents of our new members, we are encouraged to renew our own personal commitment, as well as to fulfill our desire to serve others.

Our focus has been on acquiring new members to help us; now, we must mentor the new members so that they too can contribute, feel welcome, and be aware of what their club does in the way of fundraising, the projects their club is involved with, service efforts in the local community, and, of course, how the Lions function at the District, State, and International levels.

There are so many needs to address and so many areas where Lions can serve; i.e., vision screening, backpack programs, helping out in natural disasters, etc., that each new Lion can utilize his or her talents in so many different areas. New members need to be made aware of all of the opportunities to serve, and club members need to welcome them into their committees and get them involved. Some clubs collect footed pajamas, others collect food for the food bank; maybe collecting toys for kids or making food baskets for those in need would be an appropriate task. Also, new members may have their own ideas and suggestions for service projects. Be open to their suggestions.

With the holidays coming, there are so many ways to help and serve those who need us. Remember, “Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.” Please know that I am available to visit your clubs and willing to assist you in any way. My phone number is 724-325- 4133; my email is

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