Notes from the DGs

2VDG Message - May 2020

Dear Fellow Lions,

During this pandemic, our Lions Clubs have had to be creative to continue our mandate to serve our communities. More and more people are suffering and in need. Lion creativity has responded and flourished. Our meetings have gone "virtual", and we have focused our efforts on food collection and distribution while most of our fundraisers have been put on hold.

It is now time to vote for our officers, both District wide and for local clubs. Again, this is being done differently to accommodate the restrictions by the governments on activities and meetings and gatherings.

Also, in this season, we plan for and make our donations to the District for their charitable efforts and for the individual clubs to assist locally. This year, the focus has been on food distribution because of all of the people who are no longer working.

The new officers in your clubs will come with new ideas and ways of doing things. This year, more than ever, we have to be open to change and innovation. Please support your new officers in their efforts to grow your clubs and enhance your efforts to serve during this unprecedented time.

Yours in Lionism.

Margie Wolff

2nd VDG

(724) 325-4133

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