Notes from the DGs

2VDG Message - July 2020

Fellow Lions:

Hello, my name is Tony Catullo and it is my privilege to serve you as your Second Vice District Governor.

We begin a new Lions’ year just as we ended the last one, in the middle of a pandemic and we have no idea how much longer it will go on. We have all had to deal with restrictions, uncertainty, and frustration but the amazing thing is despite all this we lions and lionesses have soldiered on. We will continue soldiering on in this new year for one simple reason, who we are. We are men and women who care about the community and the world we live in and are committed to making them better.

We begin making them better right at the club level. You folks at the local level are the front line troops. You are the ones who make sure local youngsters have their eyes checked; you are the ones who ensure that folks who can’t afford glasses can still have them, and you are the ones who will provide scholarships for local students. You are also the primary support for Lions projects on a global scale. What you do is not only important, it is critical, especially to that youngster who now sees clearly for the first time, for that is truly a life-changing event.

Yes, what we do can literally change lives and it all begins with you at the local level. What we need are more men and women who simply care. You will hear a lot about membership this year, in fact it will be a constant drumbeat. We do need new members and there will be a concerted effort this year to recruit them and I am privileged to be part of the effort. I look forward to working with all of you.

Yours in Lionism,

Tony Catullo

2nd VDG

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