Notes from the DGs

2VDG Message - Dec 2019

Fellow Lions:

A number of new Lions were installed at Mass Induction recently. We now have more helping hands to fulfill our motto, "We serve."

To help get all our new members get up to speed, please consider conducting a training session for your new Lions. Tell them about the Lions Learning Center. Also, for a while refrain from using acronyms, such as GAT, GMT, GCT. Remember, they are not aware of our esoteric terms.

Invite new members to be active in all of the club's activities. Encourage them to join the committees which suit their ability, and let them contribute their ideas for fundraising and activities which are of interest to them. Invite them to the District Meetings so that they can meet other Lions and get to know what is going on at the different clubs. We are a diverse group and each club has its special interests and projects.

If you need help with a project or fundraiser, I will be glad to help if I am available.

I wish you all a happy holiday season.

Yours in Lionism,

Margie Wolff

2nd VDG


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