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2VDG Message - April 2020

Dear Fellow Lions,

This is being written at a time when the routines and normalcy of our daily lives have been totally disrupted. Mr. Rogers advised "Find the Helpers" when horrible things happen. We, as Lions, are supposed to be the "helpers" that others seek. However, we are in disbelief at the scope of the COVid-19 virus. How can we be the "helpers"?

From the news and postings on Facebook, we can see how Lions have been living out their motto, "We serve" - from delivering food to calling people to see what they need and to providing whatever services we can to ease the burden of this isolation. Even a phone call, text, or email can make a big difference to someone who is alone and worried.

Since many clubs have cancelled meetings, fund-raising activities, and other events, we Lions have not even been able to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that we enjoy so much when we do see each other or provide the solace fellow Lions may need at this challenging time.

Even the experts cannot tell us how long this disease will persist. However, we can make a difference in many different ways, so please keep in touch with the community and each other to see how we can serve as "helpers' in this emergency situation. If you know of a situation that requires the help of more than one club, please notify me, and we can work together to get the issues resolved.

Follow the safety guidelines issued by the government leaders and CDC and please be careful.

Yours in Lionism,

2VDG Margie Wolff

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