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1VDG Message - Sept. 2019

Where did the summer go? I had a great time at Leader Dog when I visited there in early August. It was truly an eye opening experience (no pun intended). The dedication and devotion of all who organize and run the operation is astounding. I especially liked listening to those that have received a dog tell their brought tears to my eyes knowing that Lions are responsible for providing them an opportunity to regain their independence in the world. They all deserve a huge pat on the back for a job well done! If you have not visited Leader Dog, this is something you will definitely want to add to your bucket list. Perhaps if there is enough interest, Lion Amanda Remic could put together another trip to visit the facility.

In celebrating the past year as well as the upcoming year, the Passing of the Banner took place last month as well. It was very nice to see and mingle with friends and to meet and make some new friends as well. I hope you are all ready for a new and exciting year as I am!

DG Dave held a Zone Chair Training on Aug 24th so the Zone Chairs know what is expected of them in order to continue to build up and expand their current clubs. All went well, and a special thanks to all who attended. Following the Zone Chair training, DG Dave held a Team Building Activity following lunch. I will give you a attention and keep your eyes open for some interesting, colorful, unique rocks. If you find them please turn them over and read the message for instructions!!

Lions, remember in the upcoming months to "Be a Little Bolder". Let's all get out there and Serve! Show your communities that Lions are alive and well and willing to help out where needed. Remember...."Where there is a need, there is a Lion"!

Yours in Lionism,

1VDG Chuck

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