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1VDG Margie's Message - Oct 2020

My Fellow Lions,

As I have been visiting the District clubs with DG Chuck Thompkins and his Partner in Service, Zone Chair Amy Thompkins, I have enjoyed meeting all of the members. I have learned a lot from each club.

I am also very impressed with the number of awards that DG Chuck has been honored to present, especially the many attendance awards. So many of you Lions have faithfully attended meetings for years, and your dedication and loyalty are impressive.

Also, it is rewarding to see how many clubs have continued with their activities and fundraising activities, albeit in a different manner. Some clubs are even planning their Christmas festivities as well.

Again, I ask that you please participate in any activities that you can. Also, if you need my help or support, please call me.

Yours in Lionism,

Margie Wolff

1st VDG

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