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1VDG Margie's Message - Nov 2020

My Fellow Lions,

Happy Veterans Day! Thank all of you Veterans for your service. Our Lions motto is "We Serve", and you have done so honorably, Thank you.

As we approach the holiday season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year, we are still under the cloud of Covid. However, many of your clubs have continued to do fundraising activities, albeit oftentimes in a different form. Thank you for your outreach.

I hope you are planning your events for next year. I know that the pandemic is making things difficult, but we must be creative about what we plan to do. Please keep in touch with your members by phone, email, personal contact, or zoom Let them know they are crucial to

your club as well as the District, State, and International organization.

The holidays are coming up. Perhaps some of your older members and neighbors are living alone. Please reach out to them and offer assistance. There are many agencies giving out food and other essential items for their well-being.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving, and, if you need any help with anything, please give me a call.

Yours in Lionism.

Margie Wolff


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