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1VDG Margie's Message - March 2021

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Fellow Lions:

We have turned over the calendar to a new year, and it is March already. This is the time for nominations for new club officers and your club's annual donations to be discussed.

Although we are still wrestling with issues from last year, it is good to see clubs planning their activities for the coming year. Zoom meetings have replaced some clubs' "in-person" meetings, but it is not the same as gathering with our fellow Lions and having the special interactions that only personal contact can give. The weather is not yet conducive for holding outdoor meetings, but that is an option when the weather does get warmer.

The Spring Fling is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 2021. The proper pandemic restrictions will be implemented for this meeting at The Lamplighter. Please do think about coming and joining your fellow Lions to share in the special camaraderie that we have. Talking with members of other clubs always is interesting as they speak about what their clubs are doing and

how they are getting new members. Listening to their stories might inspire your club with new ways to interact in the community and new ways to serve. Also, there might be some different fundraising events that other clubs are holding which might work well for your club. Clubs have been so creative for their pancake breakfasts and bar-b-ques, offering take-out orders and deliveries. We always have interesting speakers, and their stories are heartwarming and inspirational.

Please read your district newsletters. As usual, there are flyers about what fundraisers other clubs are holding, and we can all try to participate in these events.

Looking forward to talking with you soon.

Yours in Lionism,

Margie Wolff


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