The following are ideas for service during COVID-19.  Remember to practice social distancing for safety's sake.


If you or someone you care for is in a susceptible group, please follow CDC guidelines to avoid exposing anyone vulnerable to the virus.  

  • Westmoreland County Food Bank needs volunteers, food, financial support.

  • Meals on Wheels urgent need for volunteersClick here for directory.

  • Donate Bloodurgent need for all blood typesWestmoreland County Sleeves-Up Blood Drive  

  • Sew Double-sided Medical Masksdirections and kits from JoAnn fabrics.  Click here for information.

  • Check on Neighbors, Relatives, Friendsdeliver groceries or medications.

  • Support Community Businesses as they have supported the Lions by patronizing takeout, buying giftcards.

  • Support School meal distribution programs in your area.  

  • Support your EMT, Fire Department, Ambulance Service - call them to see what they need - food, supplies, support, etc.

  • Create a Community Garden to share food with neighborhood, food banks.

  • Create a listing of mental/emotional support services Check out 14-E's list of mental/emotional support services.

  • Explore opportunities for holding meetings online like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facebook Meet, etc... Great option for committee meetings, board meetings, etc. even outside of a pandemic.

  • Utilize phone trees for members who are not online.

  • GREAT OPPORTUNITY to recruit tech-savvy new members who want to help establish online meeting formats.

If you have additional ideas, please send an email message to the 14-E webmaster: