District 14E is planning a week of summer camp in 2018 for youth with diabetes. Tentative dates for the camp are August 12-17, 2018. We are looking for volunteers to help plan and run this camp. The camp is being planned to be held at the YMCA’s Camp T. Frank Soles in Rockwood, Pennsylvania which his near Seven Springs resort. Camp Soles was selected because of their experience hosting an annual youth diabetes camp for the American Diabetes Association in early July each year known as Camp Courage.

There are two primary objectives of this camp. First, is to provide an opportunity for youth with Type 1 diabetes to experience a week at summer camp where they can be with others just like them so they don’t feel different because everyone is going through the same thing. Second, it provides us an opportunity to teach these youth how to manage their diabetes and to also to learn from other youth as well. Some of these youth may not know any other diabetics so this is a great opportunity to help them develop good skills for life. This is a huge undertaking for our district and we will need support from our clubs and members across the district to pull this off. It will be a huge win for all of us in supporting our newest addition to the Lions Service Framework, Diabetes. We are planning for the YMCA staff to run most of the program activities for the week, but we can supplement with additional activities.

One of the biggest components of this is to have an on-site medical team to work with the youth during the camp. This includes a medical director (doctor), nurses, psychologist, nutritionist, etc. We are hoping to be able to find volunteers who are passionate about helping the diabetic youth and making a difference in their lives through this week. The medical team must also approve of the entire menu for the week, including all meals and snacks.

We need Lions to help us plan the week, coordinate registration, solicit donations of medical supplies and funding, as well
as volunteer to help at camp whether for a day or the whole week. Please email or call 2VDG David DeFazio if you are
interested and able to help with this activity in any way (ddefazio47@comcast.net or 724-454-0912). There will be a planning
meeting held on Monday, December 11 at 7pm at the Bushy Run Lions Community Building, 3008 Church St, Claridge.
Help us bring this project to life and help the youth of our community!