Video is powerful. Combining video with social media is an even more powerful combination. In fact, Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day. Think about it Lions, video and social media allows us to show the community what we do, to tell our stories, to show the fun we have, and to invite them to join us. It’s personal and real. Later this month, we will begin releasing a series of videos that we have been developing in association with Westmoreland Media Management. This professional media company produces commercials and social media videos for many leading companies in the area. They have been very generous to our Lions district and if you are able to patronize them for your own business, we give them the highest of recommendations.

Our goal is showcase our Westmoreland County Lions Clubs and to help build awareness of our clubs and our activities, as well as the types of people who are Lions. As we release our videos to Facebook, please Like them AND Share them to help us build their reach across the area. The more people who see these videos, like them, and share them, the more effective they will be. Thank you in advance for helping us out.

I’d like to issue each of you a video challenge. Let’s test the idea of the power of video. On your own personal Facebook page and your club’s Facebook page, share at least one video per month about Lions. It can be just a few seconds of something fun or silly from a meeting, or maybe an award or an appreciation. Use it as a window into your meeting or a project. Video is powerful. Seeing is believing. We’d love to have you show us what is happening rather than telling us. Share it with the world. And then as you see each other sharing these videos, re-share them and like them to help them spread their reach.

Working together in 2018, we can let people all across our county, from all age brackets and backgrounds, see the good we do and make it clear what a force we are for good in our neighborhoods. Happy 2018 everyone! Looking forward to seeing and sharing your videos this year! Get those cell phones busy and get sharing!

2nd VDG David DeFazio